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Fake agent anal porn, Chantelle is a beautiful young girl who likes money and lots of it. She nearly bottles out of the audition until she learns that she could earn £5,000 per day and now the agent has her full attention he tells her to take off all her clothes and suck his cock. He forces it deep into her throat as her pretty blue eyes stare up at him.

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Fake agent porn, Sam enters the porn audition looking slightly nervous. She takes off all her clothes and starts to finger herself. The agent tells her she looks a little rough around the edges and she asks what she needs to do to improve. He wants to see how she handles a cock so he offer his and she sucks it deeply.

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Fake agent leggy blonde, This stunning leggy blonde looks all serious as she chats with the agent about her prospects of making it in the adult industry. She is told that to be a success she needs to get her clothes off and pose nude to impress the agent in his audition.

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Fakeagent reluctant blonde, The agent is discussing opportunities for blonde babe Victoria in the porn industry. She is very reluctant at first, worried about exposing herself to everybody and anybody. When the money she can make is revealed to her then her reluctance fades and she asks what she needs to do.

The agent tells her to get her clothes off and he starts to play with her, delighted to see her cute pierced pussy. She then has to show her cock handling skills on camera before the agent gives her a hard fucking.

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Sexy brunette Hannah turns up at an audition to become a porn star. The agent takes some time in telling her the earning potential she has and the kind of work she will need to do. When the agent tells her to take her clothes off she looks nervous, but he persists and the hot babe obliges.

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Fake agent uk, Stunning Lucia has turned up for her audition. She looks so sexy in her black and white spotted dress and long wavy hair, a real girl next door. The agent explains to her what is expected and the opportunities it offers.

The interview continues and the agent tells Lucia that she needs to get naked and start showing him what she’s about. She agrees eventually and strips off. She looks great and the agent tells her that she needs to masturbate as he pulls out his camera. She obliges and he moves in for the kill, first getting his cock sucked before he fucks her on camera.

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